EP 27: SAS Conserve – Introducing Water Conservation in A New Light

Expert Guests: Anselmo Torres III & Kelly Stinson

You might be worried about how you could increase profits during this time of uncertainty. Have you considered reducing your expenses in water consumption? Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) with Anselmo Torres III and Kelly Stinson (SAS) as they talk about the importance of water conservation and its tremendous benefits. They help large or multiple properties through their programs, products, and services. Stay tuned to the podcast to learn how you can save thousands of dollars!

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What Does SAS Do? How Much Can I Save From Reducing Water Costs?

Sustainability Solutions (SAS) helps its clients save water and ultimately help property owners save a significant amount. They are a nationwide service provider that installs high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that reduces water and sewer bills by 20 to 40%. They have an excellent process for the studies they conduct. When they do their assessments, they will access each unit (which is mostly not provided by their competitors). SAS measures the flow rate of each fixture (showerheads, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, etc.), and document the gallons per flush on your toilets to produce an articulated proposal as to what type of consumption and inefficiencies are occurring on the property. Moreover, they identify leaks as well, as the repercussions for having these could be exponential as time passes. If you have a 200-unit property where you’re reducing the water and sewer expenses by $50,000 in year one, and later repositioning that property in three to five years at a six and a half cap rate, you’re boosting the asset value by almost $770,000 through their program. That’s beside the $50,000 you saved in that first year!

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Do Passive Investors Also Need to Know About Water Conservation?

Water conservation proves to be crucial information even for passive investors, not only for property owners. For you passive investors reading this, later on, you might want to sponsor your own deal. Even if you won’t, you have to know if your deal sponsors are doing their homework. What does their water conservation program look like, and how does it impact their financials? Are you sure that the investment you’re putting in is worth the amount of attention they’re putting into property improvement?

Especially during this period that we’re all washing our hands and putting emphasis on cleanliness, water conservation has to be of importance. In a time where it’s looking hard to bump up the rent to increase revenue, investors and owners might want to look at reducing costs instead. Water consumption has increased three to five times because of the recent changes, and if residents aren’t paying their rent, it’s likely that they’re not paying their water bills either! Once utility providers recover from the pandemic, they’re going to see who paid and who didn’t.

Reduce expenses instead of increasing revenue through water conservation! Catch the interview on the Real Estate Lab Podcast! https://bit.ly/RealEstateLabPodcast

About Sustainability Solutions (SAS):

We are SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS (SAS) – a nationwide provider that focuses on water conservation for large or multiple properties through the installation of ultra-high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in superior water and money savings.

Centrally based in the heart of Texas, our team specializes in replacing outdated toilets, showerheads, and aerators with cutting-edge alternatives.

Improving your bottom line is our bottom line: lower operating costs, less water wasted, more money saved.

Every day, our team manages multiple projects of every scale. We design and implement water-saving plans to ensure you maximize your water savings and dramatically reduce your utility bill. From financial strategies to start-to-finish installation services, we assist you every step of the way.


Anselmo’s Email atorres@sasconserve.com

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Company Website https://sasconserve.com/

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Outline of the Episode:

• [04:40] The Cowboys and Sooners in Kelly’s family and her Princess Potty nickname. How did she get that odd title?

• [08:24] Anselmo’s photo with his dad near the Eiffel Tower. If given a chance, what would he talk about with his favorite person? Who is this favorite person?

• [10:05] Installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures in the multifamily channel, potentially boosting asset values by almost $770,000 for 200 units in about five years

• [12:00] Their due diligence process: conducting studies on 100% of the units, going into each unit, measuring data, and documenting leaks.

• [14:00] Most typical kinds of leaks. You never know what you can find in each unit. How much water is wasted?

• [18:00] Sending a letter to tenants to save water vs. installing high-efficiency fixtures. How tenants act when they have a RUB System in place.

• [22:45] Tools used to measure the flow and listen for leaks. You’ll be surprised to see the differences between each toilet!

• [29:00] How affordable are the services and maintenance offered?

• [29:55] The destruction that water can cause to households. Better check these out on your own houses or units!

• [32:19] What’s in it for passive investors? Isn’t this for owners only?

• [40:30] Can you still get help even if you don’t have a sizable number of units? Are there free consultations?

• [42:00] Fees, other costs, and how much can be done in a single day. How early can you see the benefits?

• [43:26] Anselmo’s journey throughout the country walking on different properties. Kelly’s recollection of doing a water assessment between buildings while wearing high heels. 

• [46:30] The changes made in consideration for the quarantine, reducing the fear from tenants, keeping own employees safe, and preparing for when the restrictions are lifted.

• [50:10] The great benefits of using low flow toilets, how much they cost, and warranties. They’re virtually maintenance-free, so you might want to check it out!

• [57:40] After-social distancing plans!