financial coaching

EP 29: Dave Mason – Before You Skip Financial Education, Listen To This!

Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Dave Mason as they talk about learning to manage finances. Dave is not a real estate investor, but he’s someone who knows his way around money by learning everything himself! He shares the story of the creation of his book, The Cash Machine, and how it can…

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EP 21: Karen Ford – Money Matters

Karen Ford Contact: www.KarenFord.ORG @kbfmoneymanaging Karen’s Books:  Money Matters: Motivation, Methods, and Manners for Increase! – You Can Do It!: Real Estate Investing Made Simple – [00:00:54] Highlight some key members of the mastermind community that I am in.  Stephen Byrum: – @Stephen.Byrum Melinda Byrum: Daniel Swaw: [00:06:24] Karen’s first transaction……

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