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9B: Sương Nguyễn – Thu Nhập Thụ Động Từ Private Lending

Show Notes [00:02:01] Cty Loan Factory: Địa chỉ của Sương: 10515 Bellaire Boulevard Houston, TX 77072 Số điện thoại là: 346-309-6107 Email: hoặc Thư gớp ý...

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9A: Rodd Phillips – Investing in Detroit

Show Notes [00:02:20] Rod’s LinkedIn: Rod’s email: Free Facebook Group: Schedule a call with me: [00:11:14] Rod’s girlfriend got him the book that started his...

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8: Nick Ameluxen – The Journey of A VW Technician to Syndicator

Full Show Notes [00:01:36] Nick’s email is LinkedIn: Facebook: [00:02:06] Join our free Facebook Community to learn from other real estate investors at [00:02:48] Schedule...

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7: Chris Tanner – How To Buy Real Estate With Your Self-Directed IRA

Listen, subscribe, rate and review:  Apple iHeartRadio Sticher Listen Notes TuneIn Full Show Notes [00:01:53] Chris Tanner’s company website: New Direction Trust Company Chris’s email: LinkedIn: Join our free...

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6: Sam Newell – Multifamily Investing With A CCIM

Listen, subscribe, rate and review: Apple: iHeartRadio: Sticher: Listen Notes: TuneIn: Go to the Real Estate Lab Podcast for full transcript: Full Notes [00:01:08] Sam’s...

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5: Brett Swarts – Freedom From Capital Gains Tax

Apple: iHeartRadio: Sticher: Listen Notes: TuneIn:–Economics-Podcasts/Real-Estate-Lab-Podcast-p1256110/ Show Notes [00:00:58] Brett’s Contact: Capital Gains Tax Solutions Capital Gains Tax Solutions Facebook YouTube: LinkedIn: #deferredsalestrust #SaveFailed1031exchange #primaryhome #businesssale #CREsale...

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Vee Khuu

Show Host

Vee has participated in over $15M in real estate transactions in different capacity (wholesaler, flipper, property manager, deals closer, deals underwriter etc.) since 2009. He invested in 220+ units passively.

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