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EP 30: Madison 1031 – The Secrets of 1031 Exchanges

Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast), Michael Brady, and Alex Shandrovsky’s (Madison 1031) discussion about Qualified Intermediaries and 1031 Exchanges. Madison 1031 is a widely-respected company in the...

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EP 29: Dave Mason – Before You Skip Financial Education, Listen To This!

Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Dave Mason as they talk about learning to manage finances. Dave is not a real estate investor, but he’s someone who...

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EP 28: Whitney Sewell – Things Every Apartment Syndicator Must Know

Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Whitney Sewell (Life Bridge Capital) as they chat about syndication and his experience growing his podcast. Life Bridge Capital is a...

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EP 27: SAS Conserve – Introducing Water Conservation in A New Light

Expert Guests: Anselmo Torres III & Kelly Stinson You might be worried about how you could increase profits during this time of uncertainty. Have you considered reducing your expenses...

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EP 26: Justin Cooper – First Look at Hard Money

Are you looking for commercial or residential hard money lenders? Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Justin Cooper (Pine Financial Group) as they chat about private money...

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EP 25: Dmitriy Fomichenko – Solo 401K Uncovered

Have you ever felt like your taxes are way too high? You probably have. Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Dmitriy Fomichenko (Sense Financial Services) as they...

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Vee Khuu

Show Host

Vee has participated in over $15M in real estate transactions in different capacity (wholesaler, flipper, property manager, deals closer, deals underwriter etc.) since 2009. He invested in 220+ units passively.

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