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16: Travis Watts – Financial Independence Through Passive Investing

Travis Contact: Instagram @passiveincometravelers Show Notes [00:00:38] Schedule a call with me at [00:01:04] Check out my interview with Erik Smith from Fitness and Finance Podcast at [00:02:12] Tickets for BEC20 available here: – Use code “GOALS20” to save 20% at checkout [00:03:59] Travis started his investing journey...

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15: Paul Moore – The Perfect Investment!

Show Notes Paul’s Contact Info: Twitter: @PaulMooreInvest Email: [00:01:32] IF you want to stick with your resolution and goals, read Atomic Habits by James Clear – [00:02:22] Paul’s book is called The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing – [00:04:35] Paul realizes that his degree in Petroleum...

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EP 14: Roni Elias – How Litigation Financing Helps Fight Your Case

Summary Roni Elias’ Contact Info: Email: Website: Show Notes [00:03:11] Meet Roni in person at the Best ever Conference in Keystone Colorado ( Use coupon code “GOALS20” to save 20% at checkout [00:04:08] Roni and his company donates to Hands Along The Niles ( [00:11:39] Roni starts talking about litigation financing. [00:13:16] Roni shares...

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EP 13: Bernard Reisz – What Everyone Should Know About QRPs & UDFI Tax

Bernard Reisz CPA is the founder of which gives investors direct control of their tax-sheltered funds for real estate equity and debt opportunities using checkbook controlled IRAs, QRPs, Solo 401K(s) and Checkbook Life Insurance. He’s also the founder of which provides tax strategy, entity, and financial services to real estate professionals, including real...

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EP 12: Yonah Weiss – Cost Segregation Expert Interview

Show Notes [00:02:40] Yonah works for Madison SPECS, one of the biggest cost segregation firms in the country. [00:03:06] Yonah had recently surpassed 1000 posts on [00:03:34] You can schedule a free consultation with Yonah at – You should do this if you have ever wonder whether cost segregation is right for you!...

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11: Jonathan Wei – Best Practices to Raise Capital

Show Notes [00:01:43] You can visit Jonathan’s website at [00:02:13] Set up a free call with me at [00:04:43] Jonathan bought 3 condos to start. Then he bought investment properties in Philadelphia. [00:05:32] Rich Dad Poor Dad changed Jonathan’s life: [00:06:39] Jonathan mentioned Peter Harris’s YouTube channel: [00:07:01] Jonathan found Michael...

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10: Vinney Chopra – Oversubscribed Funding in Two Hours

Show Notes Vinney’s Contact Info: Email: [00:02:08] Vinney has two different podcasts. Syndication Made Easy with Vinney (Smile) Chopra: Mr. Smiles Motivation Talk Show: [00:03:49] Vinney’s website is [00:04:42] Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide: [00:23:43] Vinney now buys B-, B products. Millennials like to live in communities with nice...

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9B: Sương Nguyễn – Thu Nhập Thụ Động Từ Private Lending

Show Notes [00:02:01] Cty Loan Factory: Địa chỉ của Sương: 10515 Bellaire Boulevard Houston, TX 77072 Số điện thoại là: 346-309-6107 Email: hoặc Thư gớp ý có thể gửi về [00:04:03] Private Lender là một người có dư tiền trong ngân hàng. Cho người khác vay để mua nhà để ở...

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