EP 28: Whitney Sewell – Things Every Apartment Syndicator Must Know

Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Whitney Sewell (Life Bridge Capital) as they chat about syndication and his experience growing his podcast. Life Bridge Capital is a syndicated multifamily investment firm that offers exceptional returns through real estate investment opportunities. They get into the things one should know about syndication and how he was able to do daily podcasts. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!

Learn about real estate syndication with Whitney Sewell! – Listen to the show now on the Real Estate Lab Podcast! https://bit.ly/RealEstateLabPodcast

What Should You Know About Real Estate Syndication?

There are various things that one should know about real estate syndication that Whitney learned the hard way. One mistake he made early was trusting his realtor too much. Not all realtors are on your side and care deeply about your investments. Another thing to remember is that a good mentor is always worth it. Someone looking over your shoulder can really help you identify where you should improve and give you confidence in making decisions. Next, always conduct your due diligence. Before making any investment, partnership, or even taking mentorship, you have to do your research! Have these people done deals in the asset class you’re looking to invest in? For mentors, do their long-time mentees now have successful careers? Don’t risk your money with a stranger just because they showed you a good deal. Learn to build and nurture relationships first!

“I want to make sure you know those things before we ever enter into that relationship.” – Whitney Sewell. Catch Whitney on this episode from the Real Estate Lab Podcast! https://bit.ly/RealEstateLabPodcast

The Struggles, Systems, and Success of A Daily Podcast

Starting a daily podcast was not easy for Whitney, but it has expanded his network significantly. He chose to do it daily because no one was willing to do it. In the beginning, he had four virtual assistants that composed an audio editor, a video editor, someone that finds guests, and an executive assistant that manages all the tasks. Even before they launched, in preparation for any hiccups, there were almost 60 shows recorded! He later hired a production company, with his executive assistant ultimately handling the production of the show. In just one and a half years, he has connected with over 500 experts in the business! The podcast has enabled Whitney to be on other podcasts (like the Real Estate Lab Podcast) and has taken him to many stages as well. Because of the exposure, he has also been able to connect with passive investors and partners.

If you want to hear the full story, including Whitney’s touching mission of helping others, head on over to the podcast!

“That’s why you have to do it because nobody else is willing to do it.” Catch the interview on the Real Estate Lab Podcast! https://bit.ly/RealEstateLabPodcast

About Whitney Sewell:

Life Bridge Capital, LLC is owned and operated by Whitney Sewell, a real estate investor who began his real estate investing career back in 2009. We now have 450 doors under management valued at approximately $50 million. The company works with investors, helping them improve their investment returns via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers. Whitney has always had a passion for both real estate and helping others, and Life Bridge Capital LLC affords him the opportunity to do both, while also funding a very important cause that has become deeply personal.

Outline of the Episode:

  • [03:15] Introduction: vaulting and riding horses
  • [04:05] What was so interesting about real estate that made Whitney go to a Rich Dad, Poor Dad training?
  • [04:55] Is trusting your realtor too much a mistake? Don’t they care about my investments?
  • [07:40] How he got into his first deal through syndication
  • [09:40] Who Whitney’s first mentor was
  • [11:00] As a passive investor, do you vet the operator or the deal itself?
  • [11:35] Qualities to look for in an operator. Make sure to build relationships first!
  • [13:45] Waterfall structures and preferred returns
  • [18:20] A three to five-month booking process for a 20-minute call
  • [19:52] Anyone who wants to invest in real estate is an ideal investor! It’s all about trust and understanding the risks.
  • [21:35] Underestimating the level of commitment for his whole family going into syndication
  • [23:50] Daily podcasts, the amount of work involved, growing his network, building a team, being able to stand on other stages
  • [29:30] Helping families and adopting three children
  • [32:30] The benefits of a “never give up” mentality


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