Are you looking for commercial or residential hard money lenders? Join Vee Khuu (Real Estate Lab Podcast) and Justin Cooper (Pine Financial Group) as they chat about private money lending and his desire to assist people who are looking to get into real estate. He explains the benefits of working with them instead of other lenders and gives assurance regarding the profits made. Justin also talks about his coaching program and how people who want to invest can start quickly through his help. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Learn how Justin Cooper became a hard money lender at a young age! – Listen to the podcast now on the Real Estate Lab Podcast!

Who Is Pine Financial? What Do They Offer?

Each member of Pine Financial is an investor who owns rental properties, have done construction projects, or fix and flips. They are real estate investors for real estate investors.  Their primary offering that most don’t give is 100% financing (up to 70% loan to value of the after-repair value). This includes the purchase price, repairs, and maybe even 100% of the closing cost. Having all your costs, the purchase, the repairs, and the closing costs equal to or less than 70% of the ARV, it almost guarantees that the deal is going to be profitable! With the current unstable market, Pine Financial is a great option.

A private money lender that offers 100% financing? Pine Financial can get that for you! Catch the episode from the Real Estate Lab Podcast.

Is There an Easy and Quick Way to Get Into Real Estate?

Justin’s found a niche of guiding people to learn how to put their money in real estate without knowing the technical aspects. There’s a need for entrepreneurs, business owners, and top performers to invest in different avenues other than the stock market! Others might have a different reason to pursue real estate, so Justin works closely to find out what their goals are. They might want to replace their current income source and focus on a new business or a creative venture. Another could be looking to establish financial security for a new family. Through buying rental properties and setting up streamlined processes to handle them easily, Justin can make real estate simple for anyone.

Finding the easy way into real estate? The search is over with Justin Cooper! Catch the interview on the Real Estate Lab Podcast!

About Justin Cooper:

Justin Cooper is a husband, father of two, a full-time real estate investor, coach, consultant and Senior Loan Officer with Pine Financial Group. Justin has been investing since 2007 and has completed several renovations on residential properties in Denver, Colorado. He manages his own portfolio of rentals and is in the process of acquiring additional properties. Born and raised in New York, Justin came to Colorado in 1996 to attend Colorado State University. He started his career on the plumbing and heating supply side of the construction industry, working his way up from stocking warehouses to managing his own branch, before making the leap to a full-time investor and hard money lender in 2011. Since then, Justin has expanded his rental portfolio, completed several fix and flips, built new construction, bought non-performing and performing notes, used his self-directed IRA to invest and most importantly, helped numerous investors purchase profitable properties and has spoken nationally on various real estate investing topics to groups upwards of 500 people. Justin is very passionate about investing and strives to help and teach people he meets on the benefits and know-how of real estate investments.

Outline of the Episode:

  • [00:52] Introduction: How good was he really at basketball? He played in grade school!
  • [01:22] Starting in real estate, newbie mistakes, and learning from courses. How did he lose around $10,000?
  • [05:50] He dreamed of becoming a hard money lender at 50 or 60 years old, but became one in his 30’s.
  • [08:30] The value that a property manager can bring.
  • [11:00] Lessons learned since joining Pine Financial. The biggest thing Justin missed in his first and only loss in real estate.
  • [12:35] Pine Financial, their three core members in the early days, and their responsibilities.
  • [15:30] Content Marketing, teaching classes, and success summits.
  • [18:09] How is Pine Financial different from other hard money lenders? Is 100% financing as good as it sounds?
  • [23:05] Going up to 70% loan to value after the ARV. Even if things go wrong, Pine Financial guarantees a good profit margin.
  • [25:41] Increase in purchase prices and higher construction costs affecting ARV’s
  • [27:48] Questions you should ask fund managers. How long they’ve been doing business? How much have they done already?
  • [29:45] How can Justin help successful entrepreneurs find other avenues to invest in fulfilling their goals?
  • [34:05] The challenge of avoiding being a helicopter parent!
  • [34:50] Analysis paralysis, overthinking, and taking action.


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