EP 24: Frank Rolfe – Here’s What Really Matters in Mobile Home Park


Frank Rolfe

E: FrankandDave@MobileHomeUniversity.com

W: www.MHU.com

Show note:

[00:06:36] Does Frank need a pistol?

[00:09:22] What Frank didn’t know about the mobile home park business?

[00:13:20] Benefits of being ranked?

[00:18:06] Should you increase rent upon park take over?

[00:21:46] How has Frank’s life been affected by the John Oliver clip?

[00:25:27] Why can’t you build a new mobile home park?

[00:29:44] Tiny Homes are illegal! Why?

[00:38:59] Local government around the US has all the reasons to want to shut down all the parks in the U.S.

[00:52:04] Establish your criteria before looking for parks to buy.

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