EP 23: Alfonso Salemi – How To Make Money with Lease Option


Alfonso Salemi

E: info@JAAGproperties.com

W: www.JAAGproperties.com and www.REITEclub.com

Podcast: The REITE Club Podcast

Show Notes

[00:07:24] How Alfonso get started

[09:34] What intrigue Alfonso about Rent To Own?

[00:13:06] Even with the same strategies, there is uniqueness in the way each investor runs their own business.

[00:17:01] How Alfonso runs his rent to own business.

[00:21:33] How Alfonso and his investors buy properties

[00:25:14] Alfonso shares his knowledge about the Canadian Market

[00:28:49] How to pick a great tenant buyer?

[00:29:19] Besides the numbers (credit and income), it’s important to find out how motivated your tenant buyers are to become a homeowner. 

[00:37:23] When you take in the options fee, make sure to disclose it so you don’t have to give back the money when the tenant-buyer cannot execute.

[00:39:39] How landlord-friendly is Ontario? 

[00:42:38] Who’s responsible to take care of the maintenance?

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