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[00:01:10] If you want to learn more about the coaching program, schedule a call with me at

[00:01:23] Grant Baldwin ( recently released a book called The Successful Speaker: Five Steps for Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, and Building Your Platform (Check it out

[00:03:21] You can get a copy of Chris’ book for free at this link

[00:04:08] If you want to attend a live event, Chris is putting on an event in early April called Biz Scaling. Check for details!

Or you can go to his event in Fall called QLS Live –

[00:05:18] Chris shares his experience about the dinner he had with Dr. Joe Vitale.

[00:10:38] What does it mean to buy real estate with term?

[00:13:09] Chris talks about an example of a recent deal his team did.

[00:15:40] How Chris structure his deals

[00:18:06] What are the three paydays?

[00:22:01] How to get deals in hot markets?

[00:25:51] System and process that Chris and his team use

[00:33:34] You can go to this link for Chris’ free webinar:

[00:45:14] What do you do if you need rehab money?

[00:50:15] Chris does something really cool with his associates along with the Wheels Up Program

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