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Vee Khuu

Show Host

Vee is a Chinese descent, Vietnam born immigrant. He came to the U.S. legally in 2003 and started investing in real estate since late 2008. He has been involved in over $15M in real estate transaction value in different capacity (wholesaler, flipper, property manager, deal closer, underwriter, consultant, etc.)

Do you want to find out his reason and direction for The Real Estate Lab Podcast? Head on over to the show and listen to episode 000.


About Our Show

Over the last few months, as I listen more and more to different podcasts, I realized this is an excellent platform to deliver tips, tricks, and knowledge. For once, podcasts don’t have the frequent advertisement interruptions. So, when I was deciding if I should write a blog or podcast, it was a natural choice for me.

Look, I wanted to create this podcast to help out a friend of mine. How so? I wanted something where when someone asks me a question; I can point straight to an episode on the show. It’s way easier on my part.

My intention for the show is to provide you information to help boost your income with the use of real estate investing as a vehicle. Whether you are seasoned pros or just starting, there’s something for you. If you are working professionals, The Real Estate Lab Podcast is the place for you to learn tips quickly. So you can go back to your busy schedule.