It’s my first ever attempt to publish a podcast. So, thank you very much for tuning it and listen. My name is Vee Khuu, a real estate investor from Colorado. In this episode, you will learn about how the show will run, why I see the need for this podcast, and I also shared a little bit about myself.

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the show. You are listening to the real estate podcast. In this lab, we decode the stories, secrets and skills of the most brilliant minds in real estate investing in turn, their wisdom into practical advice and knowledge that we can use to boost our income. Now let’s turn it over to our host Vee.

Vee: [00:00:19] Thank you so much for tuning into the first ever episode of The Real Estate Lab podcast. It is truly an honor to have you listening. Today’s episode [00:00:30] is just you, me and the mic where I will be sharing with you my vision that I have for the show. And then I will go into a little bit about myself. The next episode will kick off with me.

Vee: [00:00:45] Interview and having conversation with individuals or thought leaders in the industry. Investors who have done numerous of transactions vendors or someone who have just done his or her first [00:01:00] ever deal as a real estate investor. Before I get rolling, I would like to personally invite you to our free Facebook group where we discuss apartment investing and syndication. You can join the group by going to again the website [00:01:30] is and also if you like the show and your thing is of benefit to someone listening, please, please help us share and get the words out. That’s the only way I can grow the podcast and get in more awesome guests to share their stories [00:02:00] and their lessons for all of us to learn from.

Vee: [00:02:03] All right, let’s get started.

Vee: [00:02:09] Hey, welcome again to the Real Estate Lab podcast it’s Vee. And once again, I want to welcome you to the first ever episode of the Real Estate Lab podcast. I am truly honored to have you listening to me and my podcast.

Vee: [00:02:24] So every Monday, a new episode of the podcast will get uploaded. Each episode [00:02:30] is an interview with industry thought leaders, investors or a specialist who I’m interested in learning more about their expertise.

[00:02:43] It’s time to tune into your favorite station, W I I FM, what’s in it for me?

Vee: [00:02:52] So what’s it means for you is that each Monday, a brand new episode of the real estate lab podcast [00:03:00] will accompany you in your activity, whether you are driving to work or working out. You’re running, you’re pumping iron, whatever activity you’re doing to provide you an extra shot of inspiration. The goal here is to provide you new ideas and new options to either boost your income or to keep more in your pocket by not paying to Uncle [00:03:30] Sam. We will also be following a similar format so that you will know what to expect each week. The questions may not be the same. The guests definitely not the same. But I will always thrive to get the information that I think would be beneficial to us. All right? Would it be something that you would be interested in listening to? And [00:04:00] if you are, keep listening. I will take a deep dive into the format of the show. Hey. And then at the end of the show, I will share with you a little bit about myself. Let’s get to know each other a little bit more huh. All right. So each episode will start with an introduction of the featured guests, their profile, their story, what they have done in the past. Then we’ll go right into their upbringing. [00:04:30] I’m always interested in finding out exactly how they were brought up, the habits or routines that they had or have, which led them to where they are now in life. Another word is that I am trying to find out. Were you born with a silver spoon or did you have to do the hard work like all of us to get to where you are today?

Vee: [00:04:55] This is also this sections where I probe for a deeper understanding [00:05:00] about a certain concept that the featured guest discussed. All we talk about where we see the industry is heading. You know, just topics that I’m really interested in finding out more. I just feel that the answer to these questions that I have could provide a lot of insight and valuable lessons.

Vee: [00:05:23] Ok, so now that you have fire now, a little bit more about the Real Estate Lab podcast. I want to shift gears and [00:05:30] tell you why I want to create the show. I’m pretty sure by now you’re aware that our education system in the U.S. does not teach you how to make money for yourself. Does not teach you about finance. And certainly does not teach you how to make extra income. Some of us work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. twelve hour shift or you work 24 [00:06:00] on 24 off. We don’t even have time for ourselves. So how are we able to find out ways or learn about ways that we can make extra income for us so that we can get out of this rat race from nine to five or seven to 7, 24 on 24 off? So that’s the type of questions I’m trying to answer with this podcast. You will only have a few hours to yourself either early [00:06:30] in the morning or late at night after you come home from work. And I find myself doing more and more of two things, either listening to more and more podcasts on the road when I’m driving or I listen to audio books on audible. Pretty much podcasts and audio books are the two easiest ways for me to to learn about a new concept by topic. And another reason that I like podcast audio [00:07:00] books is because it’s better than radio. There is no ads you can dive into whatever topic of interest that you want to find out more at that moment. Literary from your fingers tips. You can find a podcast for just about any passion or hobby or interest that you have. You can pretty much find a podcast about anything out there, right? So [00:07:30] I started listening to the bigger production shows like Freakonomics or NPR’s Planet Money’s.

Vee: [00:07:39] And then I transition over to privately produced podcasts such as The Jordan Harbinger Shows The Business Lunch with Roland Frasier, multi-family Investing My Apartments with my mentor Charles Dobens, The Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. [00:08:00] And last but not least, built your network podcast with Travis Chapel. I got so excited because I could learn anywhere. And I could learn a lot more from all these podcasts, from especially from the guest that they bring on to the shows and these shows. Sometimes they just bring on normal people who are just crushing it in their field of expertise. So from the desire of learning more [00:08:30] that I decided to create the real estate lab podcasts. I wanted to learn from all these amazing individuals firsthand. I want to create a show for busy professionals to have access to information and learn different ways that they can also invest in real estate and increase their income for what? Right, so that they can [00:09:00] use as income to either quit their 9 to 5 job or to simply fulfill their lifetime goal. Their bucket list, whatever they desire to do. I want the show to be a catalyst to help you achieve that lifelong goal that you have, whatever that might be. And if you are already investing in real estate, hey, I am on the same path. I created a show to also [00:09:30] help me find different ways to up my real estate game. All right. All right. So now that you know a little bit more about a show, I want to share with you a little bit about my background. So my name is Vee Khuu. I was born in a city that many of you know, as Saigon, Vietnam.

Vee: [00:09:53] My parents and I came to the United States in two thousand and three. So I [00:10:00] was 16 years old at the time and I was put into ninth grade instead of 11th grade. Like many of my friends were, luckily in 2006, I was aable to graduate high school and propel into college, I study at the University of Colorado, Denver. Initially I major in business that did not go as planned. It took me a few extra years, but I did end up graduated with honor in PR and advertising. [00:10:30] And while I was in college, something interesting happened. If you remember, 2008, 2009 was the last economy meltdown. A lot of people were scared. They did not know what to do. And frankly, I was on the same boat. I did not know what I could do when I get out of college. The future was not bright. But then at the same time, I overheard a conversation that my brother-in-law had with his friends [00:11:00] in Singapore. One of his friends had just purchased some partial land to to build new construction houses. Now, if you know anything about that market land is at premium. They do not have land. Singapore is a small place. So of course they paid a premium for the real estate that he bought. So I was like, okay, in the US, everyone were running away from real estate and this guy dove [00:11:30] right in.

Vee: [00:11:31] So what is it that he knows? And most people here did not know, at least not the people in the mainstream media. So I was intrigued to find out more and see what this is all about. So I read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki. I am pretty sure you have heard of it or read it at some point, but hey, if you haven’t no judgment there, I will pause. [00:12:00] Go to Amazon and get that book right now. Okay. Did you get it? Go read it right now. No, no, no, no. I’m just kidding. Hey, Don. Don’t go away from from me. I’m still here. You can read that book later. Anyway, so after I finished that book, it just happened that Rich Dad had a boot camp or a workshop here in Denver, Colorado. And I went to the free workshop that they put up. Then I ended up paying for [00:12:30] a weekend workshop and their weekend led me to getting a mentor. And he taught me a lot about estate investing. Back at that time, I started out with wholesaling houses, flipping houses, stabilize small apartments, out-of-state investing. And what I’m doing now is invest passively in apartment syndications. Hey, lab mates. There are a lot more to learn. The whole world. [00:13:00] Keep on changing. So the game is evolve with time.

Vee: [00:13:04] There are a lot more strategies and especially tax strategies that I don’t know about. My fellow lab mate, we are here together, earn together and learn together. Hey, thank you so much for listening to me today. If you have any feedback, please send those to me at v e e at real estate lab dot live [00:13:30] L I V E.

Vee: [00:13:32] Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

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[00:13:44] Have an awesome work week.

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