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Show Notes

[00:01:12] Dr Greg Reid’s Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities! –

[00:05:16] Robert shares his background

[00:08:46] Jason Bible shares when he changed the business operation

[00:09:59] Robert Orfino shares the story of how they met

[00:13:03] Jason sold his business and immediately jumped into buying long term rentals.

[00:13:56] Jason’s business model

[00:14:45] You need good construction crew, capital to take down a building and good property managers.

[00:18:08] How Robert and Jason find the funding and deals

[00:23:50] Flooded properties

[00:28:57] How to get into their 506C fund.

[00:32:42] What you need to get started.

[00:43:37] Robert shares info about his mastermind. You can text 281-401-9008 for more info.

[00:57:12] Books that Robert shares:

– Rocket Fuel:

– The Tao of Pooh:

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